No one captures the true spirit of the Fringe Festival better than Leith Clark. The Death of Me is not one of Leith’s original plays, but a one act comedy written by Norm Foster.  

Leith has cast two young actors who are relative newcomers to the Fringe Festival, Mark Balaswit and Sam Cahatol.  There are many frequent fringe performers who started in one of Leith’s shows. He also cast a couple of Fringe veterans who have not been on a stage in Winnipeg for awhile, Angela Froese and Scott Pilgrim. 

The stage is a simple set of two white chairs and a matching table against a black floor and backdrop. Everything is left to the actors who deliver good performances. Scott Pilgrim’s comedic timing is impeccable and it was a pleasure to see him on stage again. 

I expected more of the play itself given the esteem and reputation of the playwright, however I did enjoy the performances.