I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Warehouse to see the new musical written by local young artists Quinn Joseph (music) and Connor Joseph (book and lyrics).

I liked the music immediately – the four piece band began the show, giving the audience a taste of what was to come. Some of the lyrics were hit and miss but there were definitely more hits than misses, and there were enough gems in this 90-minute show to convince this reviewer of the writer/lyricist’s obvious talent and potential. For example: “Before she cuts your head off, I’d better head off…” was one of the more subtle play on words that made me smile.

The show’s comedic component was somewhat juvenile, and it definitely could have benefitted  from tighter direction, which would have given the musical more focus and a better flow.

Having a choreographer also may have been helpful . When you have five characters on stage, it’s difficult to control the action and achieve a healthy balance.

As well, the set could have been simpler – thereby avoiding the lugging of furniture on and off the stage.

But there were also many standouts, like the melodic duet between the two men, Where are you now? In fact, much of the music was interesting and memorable.

While the show needs considerable work, it got its point across, and I was happy to spend 90 minutes in the company of these talented young artists.





Althiugh the play about two grown men partnering with a little girl running a lemonade stand was