I Love You Too, Grand Salto

You will become completely familiar with the word ‘szeretlek,’ both in pronunciation and meaning, by the end of this charming, historical love story set in post-WWII Hungary. While the dance/physical theatre moments could have been tighter, the quaint soundtrack and literal inclusion of performer/creator Zita Wayrady’s grandmother’s voice throughout the piece brings depth and realism to the occasionally silly, periodically serious, and thoroughly nostalgic family history. Perhaps it was because the show I attended was a weekday matinée, but I prefer to think that it was the story attracted the large proportion of the audience that were ladies who...

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You’ll Love Bill Pats

Pats’ examination of everything wrong with every system out there is tough to watch for all the right reasons; the bitch of living within a literal institution or a societal one is told through the story of death row inmate Daryl Kane and a selection of peripheral characters to his demise, all played by Bill Pats in this one-man performance. The reality of this hypothetical scenario made cringe, as it should; everyone of the characters that Pats portrays are 100% real somewhere, right now, with only a different name or accent than those in this Rintoul Award-winning piece. Pats covers every perspective on the issue of his main character’s incarceration, capital punishment, and all the flawed policies wrapped up in those practices. I was rather impressed with Pats’ portrayal of a female domestic abuse victim at one point in the story and the slight twist surrounding her relation to the main players in the narrative. If you are looking for a superbly performed, relevant, and truthful drama to round out your Fringing, I would highly recommend this one to you. Just make sure you have a drink ticket ready to help yourself recover afterward or a theatre-buddy who can give you a quality...

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Horrible Friends, but Fun to Watch

The Horrible Friends are a Winnipeg Fringe staple that I have admittedly never seen since, er-hem, I am not a huge improv fan. Their show consists of a variety of fairly standard improv games which I have always found more accessible to the non-improv connoisseur than long-form improvisation. True to their word, there is free beer available to audience volunteers however, the participation required to get there is limited to what is essentially physical abuse. The literal violence that the duo uses to select their next game made me pretty uncomfortable since it is definitely not an act and...

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On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur…

While the the Flight crew’s program subtitles their show as ‘The Little Prince Returns,’ the piece is more of a reboot than a sequel of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s French classic ‘Le Petit Prince.’ However, unlike many of the reboots the cinema throws at us these days, this rendition keeps all the charm of the original; the parallel of each element remains true to that first story of the Pilot meeting that strange but lonely Little Prince. Those unfamiliar with Le Petit Prince will not notice how well flight mimics Saint-Exupéry’s style so perfectly but, since it does, they will...

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Are You Ready to Rock, Winnipeg?!

The West End Cultural Centre is a beloved music venue for Winnipeggers and is thus the perfect venue for Die Roten Punkte’s Eurosmash concert. The lighting, fog, and on-site availability of booze set a perfect stage for tonight’s internationally acclaimed faux punk rock show. This duo delivers some solid tunes despite the constant bickering and sibling rivalry. If you are not bouncing in your seat throughout this performance, you might want to check your pulse. Otto and Astrid Rot blend local jokes, audience participation, and catchy rock music as seamlessly as any other experienced touring musical group and the...

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Around the World in 60 Minutes

Fruit Flies Like a Banana, and so did every attendee at the spectacularly sold-out matinée I attended on Saturday. Since this is the best damn world tour that you can take without leaving the Warehouse, please excuse me while I gush about this extraordinary experience for the next four paragraphs. To say that these masterful artists are merely talented would be an offensive understatement. Musicians Hilary, Neil, and Greg present a magically choreographed and often humorous execution of traditional, classical, and contemporary pieces from across the globe in such an accessible way that their infectious enthusiasm will make you...

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Fee Fie Foe…

I seem to have a penchant for opening nights or, in this case, opening afternoons, so we’ll forgive some of the sound/light, etc. that may not have gelled in the way it was supposed to, but there’s a few I’ll reference because I think it’s stylistic thing and not first show muck-ups. This is totally personal, but I hate the sort of meet-and-greet kind of beginnings that some performers have. It’s probably to make them more relatable but I find it sucks some energy and takes me out of the moment that might have been if our specific actor...

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How About a Little Fromage With That?

Full disclosure: I am perhaps one of the nerdiest nerds you know when it comes to both Canadian history and comedy, so my expectations going into this one were super high. The pre-show music pinned those hopes even higher; there are few things more Canadian than a compilation of Stan Rogers, Great Big Sea, and Stompin’ Tom. Clearly, it is ambitious, and perhaps a little much, to expect someone to tackle the entire history of a nation in an hour while being entertaining, respectful, and en pointe but Monster Theatre and their enthusiasm tries its darndest. For me, it...

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