The Death of Me

No one captures the true spirit of the Fringe Festival better than Leith Clark. The Death of Me is not one of Leith’s original plays, but a one act comedy written by Norm Foster.   Leith has cast two young actors who are...

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By Jeeves, I enjoyed this

Maybe I’m just missing Downton Abbey, but Wooster Sauce was a lovely injection of upper class British humour. John Huston morphs from Jeeves to Wooster and weaves his tales of social order – or more often, chaos....

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Crazy Ride!

Angela Neff has a lot of siblings, a lot of stories, and a lot of baggage. But she brings it all to the stage with a cowboy hat, a box, and a whole lot of storytelling charm. This one-woman show is mostly about her father...

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A New Look at an Old Trump

What can you say about Donald Trump that hasn’t been said before? That hasn’t been discussed, debated, disputed, asserted and fought over on practically every major news show in the free world since “the Donald” became the...

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You’ll Love Bill Pats

Pats’ examination of everything wrong with every system out there is tough to watch for all the right reasons; the bitch of living within a literal institution or a societal one is told through the story of death row...

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Patron Ratings

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  1. Prophecy
    Rating: 9.4. From 5 votes.
  2. The House of Yes
    Rating: 9.1. From 8 votes.
  3. Josephine
    Rating: 8.8. From 9 votes.
  4. On Love
    Rating: 8.8. From 4 votes.
  5. The Time In-Between
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  6. The Standoff
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  7. A Fatal Step
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  8. Comedy is Funny Again
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  9. The Bald Soprano
    Rating: 8.6. From 5 votes.
  10. Fruit Flies Like a Banana: World Tour
    Rating: 8.5. From 4 votes.