Burning Meatloaf

Presents Guy & Man, Helping Hands

Are you or any of your loved ones nearing that eventual stage in life? Nine out of 10 people forget to plan ahead - don't get caught off guard! Guy & Man offer steady, comforting and prompt service. Blowout sales happening now! Our standard package is 50% off if you…

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Naked Theatre Productions

Presents Harper & Row

Dear Universe, Did you know the pen is mightier than the sword? We've been trying to figure out what that means. Could you send us a sign, or at least some more peaches? Signed, Harper & Row Naked Theatre presents an original piece about two girls just trying to figure…

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Half Empty

Presents The House of Yes

"We are living in the house of Yes, where privilege holds us captive." Wendy MacLeod's cult play is a succulent slapstick tragedy for our time, perfectly attuned to the rollicking rapaciousness of Trump's America. Meet the Pascal family, dizzily ensconced in the isolation of their wealth. It's Thanksgiving, mid-hurricane. Son…

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Eliot Entertainment

Presents AMAZE - A Comedy Magic Show

Do you hate laughter, witnessing the impossible and just generally having a good time? If so, you will hate this show. AMAZE is filled with gut-busting comedy, mind-boggling illusion, and jaw-dropping physical and mental feats.

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Ballyhoo Entertainment

Presents The Ladies Guide to Deceit and Debauchery

Carisa Hendrix and Jamie Tognazzini star as Lucy and Lilly, two hilariously surreal socialites, in this magical musical about indulgence, intrigue and impropriety. This daring new work is a playful mix of strikingly visual magic, circus stunts, wonderful original songs and timeless tips for the modern lady. Hendrix is an…

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Ditch Water

Presents Schrödinger's Cat

Quanos drug corporation develops a tattoo which can predict the wearer's demise one year in advance. Humankind finds itself in a state of wanton uncertainty when foreknowledge of death skews our outlook on life. Bike helmets, seat belts, flu shots and kale smoothies become obsolete. Quickly becoming the most profitable…

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Gillian Bartolucci

Presents Panacea presents: Be a STAR or Get the F**K Out!

Panacea! is a sketch troupe that flirts with the boundaries between the dark side of humanity and the hilarious mundanities that go hand-in-hand with being alive. Both of Panacea's revues (Panacea! and F@&$ It!) were included in Torontoist and NOW Magazine's top 10 comedy shows of 2015. The troupe features…

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Patrick Hercamp

Presents Patrick Hercamp & Jon Bennett in New Show, BUTT different

A NEW show every single time! Pat and Jon do all the crazy, absurd, train wreck show ideas they've never been able to do.

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Theatre by the River

Presents 4.48 Psychosis

Directed by Kendra Jones, featuring Elizabeth Whitbread "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind." Sarah Kane's 4.48 Psychosis is an explosive script from a writer struggling at the depths of depression to realize a play brimming with life. "Uncompromising, bleakly…

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Autistic Productions

Presents Aspergers: Independence Day

Aspergers Independence day is a classic coming of age story with a twist. This funny, emotionally moving show is all about Adam's maturing growing up and finally moving out of his parent's home.

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Shelby Bond

Presents Shark Weak: Nothing To Fear

What scares you silly? Comic Shelby Bond explores our phobias and offers hope that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. While finding that phobias are funny things, Shelby takes you on his journey to overcome his fear of sharks - from being hypnotized to actually swimming with Great…

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Mike Delamont – The Devil

Presents Mike Delamont: The Devil

From the creator and star of God Is A Scottish Drag Queen, comes a brand new character and the Canadian premiere of an all new show! Fans of 'God' will finally get to meet The Devil and hear the other side of the story as Satan himself takes on everything…

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Two Dollar Shoes

Presents Woody Sed

Woody Sed, an original play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and the songs he sang about them. Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colourful characters, all bundled up in a true-to-life tale. First presented in 2008, Woody Sed has been revamped and rewritten.…

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Jimmy Hogg

Presents Figgy Pudding

The award-winning British comedian, storyteller and Fringe favourite Jimmy Hogg (Curriculum Vitae, A Brief History of Petty Crime) returns with tales of Christmastime - Santaphobia, Trivial Pursuit and drunken parents. BEST OF FRINGE: Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Minnesota, San Francisco, Ottawa, Boulder, Victoria. "Dickens would love this guy." - Orlando Sentinel…

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Nutmeg Creations

Presents Periscope

Megan was in her Happy Ever After. The year before, when her life fell apart, she did some deep personal work, started meditating, changed her behaviour, and miracles happened! And then...the miracles ended. And when her problems came back, so did her loneliness. So one night, she decided to find…

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Presents HUNKS 3

HUNKS are back at the Winnipeg Fringe with an all-new sketch comedy show! Over the past two years, HUNKS have brought their finely tuned nonsense to festivals across North America including Just For Laughs NW, San Francisco Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest and Chicago Sketchfest. 5 STARS – Winnipeg Free Press, 2015…

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The Neighbourhood Watch Improv

Presents The Neighbourhood Watch

Simultaneously playful and macabre, The Neighbourhood Watch improvises a one-act play surrounding the curious happenings of a community, based on audience suggestions. With only the name of a fictional town and a community event, this long-form improv troupe cleverly crafts a tale of community connection by richly painting a new…

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The Bonobos

Presents Back To The Bonobos

CKUW's Victor King and Erik Robinsson present a theatrical re-imagining of their radio show: Back To Bonobos: Back To The Bonobos. The mildly cerebral duo explore themes of vulnerability and visibility in a truly absurdist fashion. Darwinism, anarchy and Home Grown Tomatoes are stewed together in what some critics are…

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Toasted Theatre Company

Presents Lauren & Amanda Do It

Afternoon delight, hanky panky, souring the kraut. Doin' It. Join Lauren, Amanda and musical guest Alli Harris in a late night (or midday) talk show all about sex positivity. Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but with one hot lesbian as The Roots and two rad babes as Jimmy.…

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ZList Productions

Presents What Would Emma Goldman Do?

An anarchist, a philanthropist, an ex-con and an alt-right publisher celebrate New Year's Eve 2016, and the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump, with a night of seduction, betrayal and murder. Directed by Leith Clark, this dark comedy is from the people who brought you last year's controversial hit Barbaric Cultural…

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  1. Prophecy
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  2. The House of Yes
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  3. Josephine
    Rating: 8.8. From 9 votes.
  4. On Love
    Rating: 8.8. From 4 votes.
  5. The Time In-Between
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  6. The Standoff
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  7. A Fatal Step
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  8. Comedy is Funny Again
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  9. The Bald Soprano
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  10. Fruit Flies Like a Banana: World Tour
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