Imaginary Productions

Presents Joe Job

Joe Job is a dramedy about a teacher who leaves his career to work at a coffee shop, only to find himself working with a former student he once failed. Now they must face their past, their failures and their possible futures, over a cup of joe. Directed by Mariam Bernstein…

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Looking Glass Productions

Presents Padre X

2010 Fringe hit Padre X is back. This award-winning play features Marc A. Moir as John Weir Foote, the only Canadian chaplain to win the Victoria Cross during the Second World War. Foote was hero during the disastrous Dieppe raid and, choosing to stay behind with his men, voluntarily spent…

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Houses Within Houses

Presents Guns Blazing

From Winnipeg playwright, poet, and novelist Adam Abbas: A rendezvous unlike any other. With Gina Macri, Nick Christie, Steve Yurkiw, Kristjana McCluskey, Pina Militano, Adam Abbas, and Brenden Wheatland.

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The Three Beggars

Presents Speech & Debate

Three teenage misfits in Salem, Oregon discover they are linked by a sex scandal that's rocked their town. When one of them sets out to expose the truth, secrets become currency. As the stakes get higher, the trio's connection grows deeper in this searching, fiercely funny dark comedy with music.…

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Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy

Presents Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy

**Content Warning: Graphic and Shocking Language and Subject Matter** "How much time am I doing?" is a question that Mark Hughes has asked in a couple different contexts. Tragedy + Time Served = Comedy is a storytelling show which shines a light on the path from Mark's dark and grim…

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PHAB Productions

Presents Beers About Songs

Original songs outline a tale of love, danger and drunkenness. Join singer-songwriter Ryan Adam Wells for some sad, funny and poignant true stories about alcohol and relationships. Although thoroughly entertaining, Beers About Songs communicates an underlying theme that will make you both laugh and cry. With personal stories and touching…

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Wes Borg

Presents "Get Me the F**k Out of Edmonton" and other ramblings from a Fringe Has-been

At the dawn of the Fringe, there came a comedy troupe from Edmonton called Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. Remember that song your teacher played by the Arrogant Worms about how Toronto sucks or how we burned down the White House... Yeah, that was actually the Trolls. They're gone…

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Randy Rutherford Presents Maryclare McCauley

Presents Switch Back

A young woman from the city needs a change, so she ventures out west looking for adventure. She meets a charismatic cowboy and they fall hard for each other. Eventually, they move to a cabin on an isolated mountaintop where dark secrets slowly unravel. What starts out like a fairy…

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Rap Guide Media

Presents Rap Guide to Consciousness

Fringe First winner and "peer reviewed rapper" Baba Brinkman explores the scientific study of consciousness in a new hip-hop comedy. Baba's brain is made of 90 billion neurons and not one of them has any clue that he exists. And yet somehow those cells come together to produce a steady…

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sunday dinner productions

Presents MARGO

Margo Bucher, a retired anthropologist living on disability after an incident in Mozambique, has isolated herself from much of the world - except when conducting a new sort of research. She studies the people who attend socials, funerals and weddings in order to glean the research she craves - and…

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Randy Rutherford Presents

Presents Aim for the Heart

Randy's in love. He thinks his new masseuse girlfriend is going to heal him, but he doesn't realize he's not the only one who needs to be healed. Raves for previous shows: 4.5 STARS "A triumph of confessional storytelling." – Edmonton Journal 5 STARS "Lyrical, powerful...A master storyteller and veteran…

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ZList Productions

Presents What Would Emma Goldman Do?

An anarchist, a philanthropist, an ex-con and an alt-right publisher celebrate New Year's Eve 2016, and the forthcoming presidency of Donald Trump, with a night of seduction, betrayal and murder. Directed by Leith Clark, this dark comedy is from the people who brought you last year's controversial hit Barbaric Cultural…

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Presents The Bathtub Girls

There'll be no sleep 'til the story's done. An Older, a Younger and the haunting. Three women search for belonging and ultimately destroy their family. A fiction based on the first known case of sibling matricide in Canada (Mississauga, 2003). 5 STARS "Intense. Moving." – Cable 14 (Hamilton) OUTSTANDING SHOW…

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Down the Well Productions

Presents Your Princess is in Another Castle

Princess Polly loses the popular vote for Miss Leader of the Free World to a department store mannequin. A Prince Charming type has it all figured out; he knows he can save you, if only you would listen to him. In this dark comedy of errors, Polly learns what it…

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Leela Productions

Presents I, Love.

Who am I? I ask myself this question every day. Faster than the blink of an eye, the question stops my mind. Come with me and discover ever more deeply that you are not a wave in the ocean. You are the entire ocean itself. Come. Drop into the substratum…

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Life & Depth

Presents Thunderfoot

"Genius. A masterpiece." - Fielkov 2016 Canadian Comedy Award winner and 16-time Best of Fest winner for his work as 'James' in the British duo James & Jamesy, Aaron heaves his "casual virtuosity" and "comedic brilliance" into this one-man autobiographical fairy tale. Nominated BEST COMEDY by Just for Laughs and…

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Knavish Hedgehog Productions

Presents Macbeth

5 STARS - Winnipeg Free Press ('15, '16) 5 STARS - CBC ('16) "See them sooner rather than later" – CBC Macbeth: noble warrior, loyal friend…until an otherworldly prophecy kindles a flame of ambition within him. Soon unable to turn back, where will it end? And at what cost? The…

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Good Game

Presents Good Game in GUNG HO!

GUNG HO, HOW ARE YOU? Laugh with us, won't you? WON'T YOU?! After 10 years of what they call 'comedy', these sketch comedians are giving you nothing but the best. You deserve it, why not? Sketch, songs and uncomfortable feelings. Be agape with the glory of laughter.

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Doctor Caligari’s

Presents Dr. Caligari's Cabaret of Luck

A longrunning unscripted unstructured indescribable multiform comic-serious-comic cabaret of wild interdisciplinary diversity staged by forty Fringe favorites in two madcap hours of unrivalled serial unexpectedness. 100% of tickets available in advance. Proceeds go to the Winnipeg Fringe volunteer program and Winnipeg Harvest. Wednesday, July 26 - Midnight West End Cultural…

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Bessie-Jean Productions

Presents Story Hole

In this painstakingly researched anthology of (possible) 100% made-up stories, J.D. Renaud (Wpg Comedy Fest, Oddblock, DNTO) hopes to answer the age-old conundrum of the modern storyteller. Since most 'true' stories are mostly full of lies, don't you think we deserve to be more creatively lied to? The new show…

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Patron Ratings

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  1. Prophecy
    Rating: 9.4. From 5 votes.
  2. The House of Yes
    Rating: 9.1. From 8 votes.
  3. Josephine
    Rating: 8.8. From 9 votes.
  4. On Love
    Rating: 8.8. From 4 votes.
  5. The Time In-Between
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  6. The Standoff
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  7. A Fatal Step
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  8. Comedy is Funny Again
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  9. The Bald Soprano
    Rating: 8.6. From 5 votes.
  10. Fruit Flies Like a Banana: World Tour
    Rating: 8.5. From 4 votes.