Imaginary Productions

Presents Joe Job

Joe Job is a dramedy about a teacher who leaves his career to work at a coffee shop, only to find himself working with a former student he once failed. Now they must face their past, their failures and their possible futures, over a cup of joe. Directed by Mariam Bernstein…

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District Theatre Collective

Presents The Trump Card

This isn't a story about a president. This is a story about celebrity, showmanship, mythology, power, fathers, mentors, board games and theatre — told by five Canadians. The Trump Card chronicles Trump's story from his early days to today, highlighting the rise of a new American archetype. A sharp and…

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Jesus on a Box

Presents The Red Letters

Christ is crucified. Hanging on the cross, the Red Letters pour out. In anguish, he recalls his temptations, his beatitudes and his sermons. Did they really hear him at all? He had always known it would come to this. Now, nailed to a cross, he hangs onto the love he…

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Ryan Gladstone

Presents Hockey Night at the Puck & Pickle Pub

Watch Canada vs USA in the 2018 Olympic gold medal hockey game at the fictional Puck & Pickle Pub! Two actors (Ryan Gladstone and Jon Paterson) play themselves, the commentators and every single one of the patrons in this "wildly funny and wonderfully crafted" (5 STARS - CBC) show! 5…

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Presents The Bathtub Girls

There'll be no sleep 'til the story's done. An Older, a Younger and the haunting. Three women search for belonging and ultimately destroy their family. A fiction based on the first known case of sibling matricide in Canada (Mississauga, 2003). 5 STARS "Intense. Moving." – Cable 14 (Hamilton) OUTSTANDING SHOW…

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Jill Vice

Presents A Fatal Step

BEST OF FEST winner Jill Vice returns with a one-woman noir that ain't just black & white. Tonight, she's got it all figured out. A silk nightie, candles and that perfume that drives him wild. Our femme fatale is poised on her chaise lounge primed for seduction, but Frank…he just…

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Looking Glass Productions

Presents Padre X

2010 Fringe hit Padre X is back. This award-winning play features Marc A. Moir as John Weir Foote, the only Canadian chaplain to win the Victoria Cross during the Second World War. Foote was hero during the disastrous Dieppe raid and, choosing to stay behind with his men, voluntarily spent…

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James & Jamesy

Presents 2 for Tea: A British Comedy

4 PERFORMANCES ONLY. England's 16-time BEST OF FEST and CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD winners bring back their wildly successful comedy to Winnipeg. A delightfully bizarre world brimming with innocence and endearing chemistry performed by "one of the most popular Fringe duos ever" (CBC). 5 STARS "Complete and utter fun." - CBC…

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Battle Royale

Presents The Stand-up Comedy Battle Royale

The Battle Royale is a unique stand-up comedy show that takes comedians, normally solo performers, and puts them on teams that go head-to-head doing stand-up sets based on topics drawn from a hat. No comedy show delivers more jokes, trash talk, controversial decisions and cash prizes than the world-famous Battle…

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Smith & Somers


Famed Australian children's entertainers HOOTENANNY! have been touring the world for the last decade but it sure hasn't been easy. It's time for their last show, but only one of them knows it! Full of catchy songs, video segments and dance breaks, Hoot and Annie grit their teeth as they…

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The Coldharts

Presents Edgar Allan

Eleven-year-old Edgar Allan has only one goal: to be the most remarkable boy at boarding school. He has only one obstacle: Edgar Allan. A manic lullaby inspired by the childhood and short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Critic's Choice "Best Show" & "Best Female Performer" - Orlando Fringe 2016 5…

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Erin Rodgers

Presents Tough

After a lifetime of being a wuss, Erin decides she's going to spend her summer being brave: finally learning to ride a bike, asking out a lady for the first time and...going to a sex club. A hilarious look at whether a scaredy-cat can ever really become tough. "Funny -…

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Living the Dream

Presents Weirder than Al

2016 was a tough year in the entertainment world for celebrities and musicians. The old adage sticks that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. But has anyone even considered what would happen to our society if and when we lose influential parody icon Weird Al Yankovic? I…

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Black Box Productions Montreal

Presents God is an Iron

"If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron."  Stage adaptation from Canadian author Spider Robinson's novel Mindkiller, dealing with the effects of science fiction technology that stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain,…

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Two Dollar Shoes

Presents Woody Sed

Woody Sed, an original play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and the songs he sang about them. Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colourful characters, all bundled up in a true-to-life tale. First presented in 2008, Woody Sed has been revamped and rewritten.…

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The Fourth Wall

Presents Fruit Flies Like a Banana: World Tour

Fruit Flies Like a Banana returns with a madcap trip around the globe. YOU choose the itinerary! This high-octane variety hour combines music, theatre and dance, with each piece inspired by a different locale. It's sure to keep your seats in their fully upright and locked positions! "Serious music by…

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Fox and Badger Productions

Presents A Drink Maker's Guide to Spirits

A Drink Maker's Guide to Spirits explores the way people often find themselves "in a glass". Bartender's have many jobs: therapy, matchmaking and, of course, bartending! People define themselves by what they consume and this is especially evident when it comes to cocktails. Your bartender and instructor extraordinaire, Alex Conner,…

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Petit Pont Productions

Presents The Winnipeg School of Happiness

From the creator of She Rules with Iron Sticks (5 STARS - Planet S, 4 STARS - CBC) is a new coming-of-age play. Elsie's grandpa and best friend just passed away, leaving her too deflated to leave the house. Everything changes when the newbie marathoner finds The Winnipeg School of…

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Presents ImproVision: Funk Beyond The Call of Booty

Fresh from their Funkadelicatessen Tour (not true), the Masters of Kung Funk (made up) return to The Psychedelic Ward (which does not exist) with the most booty-licious horn section (LIES, THERE IS NO MUSIC) to put some soulful stank on the grooviest boogie harmonies (NONONOFALSENOFALSENONONO!!). The point is, ImproVision makes…

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sunday dinner productions

Presents MARGO

Margo Bucher, a retired anthropologist living on disability after an incident in Mozambique, has isolated herself from much of the world - except when conducting a new sort of research. She studies the people who attend socials, funerals and weddings in order to glean the research she craves - and…

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Patron Ratings

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  1. Prophecy
    Rating: 9.4. From 5 votes.
  2. The House of Yes
    Rating: 9.1. From 8 votes.
  3. Josephine
    Rating: 8.8. From 9 votes.
  4. On Love
    Rating: 8.8. From 4 votes.
  5. The Time In-Between
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  6. The Standoff
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  7. A Fatal Step
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  8. Comedy is Funny Again
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  9. The Bald Soprano
    Rating: 8.6. From 5 votes.
  10. Fruit Flies Like a Banana: World Tour
    Rating: 8.5. From 4 votes.