The Places We Go

Unit Productions brings you a multimedia/theatrical experience through a visual feat: one-part radio play, one-part graphic novel and one-part puppetry! TPWG is about a girl, Grace, who goes on an adventure packed with trials and lessons while she attempts to find her mother a "perfect" gift on her birthday. This…

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Crabapple Trolls

Great for all ages, Crabapple Trolls is a delightful physical comedy about finding friendships in unlikely places. Every fall, Amanda sees bright, red crabapples turn into jars of beautiful, sweet-smelling crabapple jelly. Irresistible. But siblings can make anything difficult. To escape her family, Amanda investigates the culvert where parents never…

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Catalpa is about the daring 1876 whale ship rescue of six Irish prisoners from Fremantle penal colony in Australia - all in the vibrant imagination of a screenwriter, the best movie never made! With heroes and visionaries, political intrigue, loyalty, romance, rebels and battles at sea. A subversive epic, a…

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Venue #3: The Playhouse Studio
Drama | Parental Guidance Mild language, Sexual Content

"When the night falls, when your world is unhinged, I am with you when the stars are falling." David is going to kill himself - he is sure of that - until a fallen star lands in his mother's petunia bed. From the writer/performer of 4 STAR reviewed play, 'WTF…

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Live Podcast Taping

Venue #15: Wee Johnny's
Improv | Mature Mild languageThis is a live recording that will be released on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play and broadcasted on 101.5 UMFM.

The HUNKS Podcast is an ongoing weekly conversation between five friends who riff stream of consciousness comedy at each other. Each performance features a new conversation with a different special guest. Past guests include Mark Forward, Graham Clark, Pat Thornton, Fraz Wiest, Mark Little and many more. This is the…

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God is an Iron

Venue #13: School of Contemporary Dancers
Drama | Parental Guidance Coarse language, violent content, sexual contentTrigger warning: graphic description of sexual assault

"If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron."  Stage adaptation from Canadian author Spider Robinson's novel Mindkiller, dealing with the effects of science fiction technology that stimulates the pleasure centres of the brain,…

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Macbeth Muet

Venue #3: The Playhouse Studio
Comedy | Parental Guidance Sexual contentFake blood and imagery with blood

AMBITION! MURDER! SEX! ...EGGS! Shakespeare's murderous couple cordially invite you to witness a hyper-speed rendition of their gruesome story, told entirely without words. Kings will die, nature itself will be twisted, and funny silent-film gestures will be made. "This is the silliest Macbeth I've ever seen. And it is well-crafted…

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Venue #8: The Rachel Browne Theatre
Unclassifiable | Parental Guidance Coarse language, violent content, sexual content

Dear theatre ghosts, before we begin our short program, just 60 minutes long, you can go to the beer tent or wherever you like but before everything begins and everything ends, we want to talk to you about something. Dear theatre ghosts, we want to know how to become a…

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Venue #26: ACI Manitoba
Storytelling | Parental Guidance Mild language

WINNER: 2016 Critics Award, Cincinnati Fringe Forced to flee Indonesia…the unforgettable true story of a strange girl in a strange land. Written and performed by Erika Kate MacDonald (Best Female Performer - 2014 Orlando Fringe), Director of 2015 Fringe hit Papa Squat. 5 STARS - CBC 4 STARS - Winnipeg…

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2 for Tea: A British Comedy

Venue #16: PTE – Mainstage
Comedy | General Strobe Lights, Smoke or Fog

4 PERFORMANCES ONLY. England's 16-time BEST OF FEST and CANADIAN COMEDY AWARD winners bring back their wildly successful comedy to Winnipeg. A delightfully bizarre world brimming with innocence and endearing chemistry performed by "one of the most popular Fringe duos ever" (CBC). 5 STARS "Complete and utter fun." - CBC…

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Patron Ratings

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  1. Prophecy
    Rating: 9.4. From 5 votes.
  2. The House of Yes
    Rating: 9.1. From 8 votes.
  3. Josephine
    Rating: 8.8. From 9 votes.
  4. On Love
    Rating: 8.8. From 4 votes.
  5. The Standoff
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  6. The Time In-Between
    Rating: 8.7. From 6 votes.
  7. Comedy is Funny Again
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  8. A Fatal Step
    Rating: 8.7. From 3 votes.
  9. The Bald Soprano
    Rating: 8.6. From 5 votes.
  10. Hotter Than Potter
    Rating: 8.5. From 4 votes.